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The complete guide of Barcelona for families

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Purpose of this guide

You heard it! The ultimate guide for families living in the city, all you need to know if you have a baby, toddler or young kid and want to make the most out of your experience in Barcelona.

Either if you have just landed in the city or have been around for a while but just started a family and feel completely lost on where to start or what to do - look no more, we got you covered!

We know how it feels when everything is new for you, you’re missing the support from your family and close friends and you want the best for your family. You’re looking for some guidance that will reassure you that you’re going for the best option. Totally understandable.

You might also feel like connecting with other families in similar situations, doing some social activities… find your community. We get you, we’ve been there!

In this guide, you will find relevant information about

  • Looking for a doula in Barcelona

  • How to find a nanny in Barcelona

  • Things to do with Kids in Barcelona

  • How to Find a good therapist in Barcelona

A living guide that will be growing with new useful information and updated with the latest news of what’s going on in Barcelona. Feel free to add suggestions of the content you would like to see in the comments.

Here’s a little spoiler of the new content coming in the following weeks:

  • Paperwork (NIE, how to register your baby)

  • English speaking doctors

Shall we start? Let’s go!

Looking for a doula in Barcelona

Are you expecting a baby and looking for some emotional support? Do you need someone by your side who keeps you informed of what’s going on and your options before and during childbirth? Do you feel like you could do with some help during postpartum?

A doula is someone who provides emotional, physical comfort and support to mothers before, during, and after labor and childbirth. A very special period when women are going through a broad number of emotions, might feel vulnerable and where having proper support can make a difference.

Doulas provide emotional, educational and practical support at home mainly focusing on the mother but also helping other members of the family. Given the nature of their role, it’s important to find the right fit for you and your family. We provide some recommendations of doulas in Barcelona and talk more about what they do here. Check it out!

How to find a nanny in Barcelona

Do you feel like you could do with some help with logistics on a daily basis? Do you need some time on your own to go out for dinner or any other activity you enjoy?

Looking for a nanny is quite a task and very personal. It becomes extra challenging if you have some specific requirements such as language or nationality. Finding the right match for your kid is very important and might take time depending on what you’re looking for.

We experienced it first hand as parents since our family is living in another city and we don’t have their support on a daily basis.

That’s why we have created a complete guide with all the tips & tricks to find the right nanny for your family in Barcelona, including a list of the best Facebook groups, nanny agencies and online platforms.

Find all the details here.

Things to do with kids in Barcelona

You have a little baby and feel like going out for a coffee but don’t know where to go. Your toddler is starting to explore the world and you’re in search of some big and safe space where he/she can play. You feel like doing some exercise with your baby but not sure where to go.

Finding your way around with kids in Barcelona might be tricky.

We struggled specially during the first months. We felt like we knew the city but when you have a baby or a toddler, the scene of places to go might change depending on what you’re looking for.

We have created a guide of places to go and things to do with kids that will help you find the option you need in the city. You can’t miss them!

Check all the details here

How to find a good therapist in Barcelona

Parenthood comes with a great deal of emotions and sometimes you might feel overwhelmed. Let’s face it! tiredness and stress of juggling tons of things are not helping. The intensity of your feelings might be a sign that something is not going well and you could do with some professional support but you don’t know where to go.

You might not speak Spanish and even if you do, you feel more comfortable sharing your situation in your own language. You’re concerned that you might not find the right match because finding the right therapist is all about personal connection, clicking with that person.

We know how important it is to find the right professionals by your side and we have a great recommendation for you. Therapy in Barcelona is a great team of multilingual therapists that ticks all the boxes.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading here

More to come...

This is a living guide that will be growing with interesting and relevant topics for families living in Barcelona. Topics such as paperwork after having a baby (THE topic...), English speaking doctors or Barcelona schools amongst other are in the pipeline.

Do you want to be up to date with our latest additions to the guide?

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