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BysBCN - How we do it

"We started to look for help with the paperwork around having a baby as well as finding daycare in Barcelona as we really wanted to spend those early months with our baby girl instead of worrying about which forms and appointments we had to do. 

From our very first call with Amaia, we felt absolutely at ease - with a highly flexible approach, she impressed us with her friendly yet professional attitude. This gave us incredible peace of mind, as Amaia's expertise and knowledge meant we were guided through the entire process with confidence. In the end, the service from By Your Side took away all our worries and allowed us to focus on those precious moments with our new baby."

Malcolm McGregor

"We always remember Amaia when we tell the story about our first child, Zac. My husband and I are not Spanish, he is Brazilian and I am French.

Having a baby in a country far from is challenging, we would have been through many roadblocks if Amaia was not by our side for all paperworks related to a newborn birth.

She made our life easier, I am happy we fully trusted her for all these processes: maternity, paternity, catSalud, birth certificate.

We recommend her for all new parents - Getting Amaia services is a great present to make for parents to become!"

Tracy Boungnaseng

“I was recommended 'By your side BCN' by another Barcelona family and am so happy to have discovered such a great service. I was lost in the jungle of the post birth admin when I contacted Amaia and she turned everything around. She attended to all our needs and made the whole process much more relaxed so we could concentrate on our new arrival. The best gift for any new family!”

Laura Baker

“Amaia was very attentive, helpful, personable, and friendly! She is very informative on any questions and concerns you have. I would highly recommend her services! Thank you Amaia for all your time!”

Priscilla Fugate

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