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Things to do with kids in Barcelona

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

What to do with kids might be one of the most recurrent questions amongst parents. When you have a kid, your daily routine gets upside down and depending on your circumstances and preferences, you adjust to the new reality differently. The needs vary depending on the age of your kid and what you’re looking for at that moment.

During the early months, your baby's main activities are mostly sleeping or getting fed. You might feel like you need to get out there, change your routine from staying every day at home and have a coffee somewhere safe for the baby and also appealing to you.

You might also feel like doing some physical activities and you’re looking for options where you can do it together with your baby.

Or simply you’re looking for some social events with other families going through the same to avoid feeling lonely.

As the baby grows older, new needs appear. You then start looking for some activities that he/she will enjoy more such as music, dancing or swimming.

In this new post, we will help you find some options in Barcelona so you can experience the city to the fullest with your family. Let’s go!

Baby friendly places in Barcelona

You’re tired of being home, feeling like every day is the same and need to get out and enjoy some chill time. Getting out of the house feels like a whole engineering logistic project especially if it’s your first kid and you don’t know where to go.

You’re looking for some quiet place, baby friendly and with some space so you can park your trolley (depending on the size might be another engineering project itself…). You want to listen to some music while you zip your coffee and see how life is going out there while you feel like your world stopped for a while.

Here are some places you can check out:

  • Caffeïne (Poblenou) - great cute little place with great music and warm atmosphere ideal to have a coffee or a yummy healthy meal.

  • La ikas (Gracia) - cute little space with a little patio in the background. They organise different activities for adults and kids. Great place for juices, salads and sandwiches.

  • Sabio Infante (Gracia) - I love the decoration of the place and the atmosphere which is very diverse from people studying, working to families enjoying their time. They have great food, coffee and juices.

  • Bar el Convent (Born) - Big space and great location. They have a big shaded terrace inside an old convent, great for a little break.

Multi activity spaces in Barcelona

When your baby starts moving and showing interest in exploring new places and playing, you start searching for places with bigger space, with toys and other entertainment. You want to feel like he/she can explore in a safe space while you have a drink or a yummy meal.

Normally these spaces have multiple services such as daycare, birthday events or summer camps even coworking areas

  • Tembo family club (Drassanes) - They offer a variety of services from daycare, summer camp, nanny services to birthday parties, organising events or even coworking space. They organise activities for adults and kids and they have an option called “Tembo time”, playgroup activities on Friday.

  • El cau (Eixample esquerra) - Great big location with different play areas and great offering of activities such as Music together (enjoying music from different parts of the world). You can also rent the space for your own activities.

  • Kids & Kafé (les Corts) - Big location with multiple didactic zones and services from daycare to play zone, as well as drop off services where they look after your kid daily or by hour.

  • Kidkat papas (Eixample dreta) - Big space with different play areas and multiple services such as playground, birthday party events, summer camps or pick up from school service for those nearby in the area.

  • Stephy´s (next to Arc de Triomf) - Ideal space for families to come & enjoy their time together. Offering a fun & innovative play space upstairs & a cozy cafe downstairs.

Activities with kids in Barcelona

You feel like doing some physical activity and you want to do it together with your baby or you don’t have the logistics to do it alone. Here are some options you might want to have a look into


  • Ujuyoga - organises yoga with babies in Gracia and Vila Olimpica

  • Mandiram yoga - yoga classes with babies in Poblenou (Sopa)

  • Liana yoga - yoga with babies in Estacio del Nord


  • Mamifit - fitness with babies in several locations in Barcelona

  • Natalie Hill - online fitness classes designed for mothers

  • Mum fit bcn - fitness group for Mums; Babies, Partners & Strollers welcome in Barceloneta beach every Saturday from 11:00 to 11:45

  • Hande personal trainer - Weekly group schedule at Stephy's on Thursdays and Turo Park on Fridays

Activities for kids in Barcelona

You’re interested in finding out what the city has to offer for kids. Activities such as swimming, music or dancing are some of the most requested ones.

There’s a broad offering of activities in Barcelona and if you want to have the latest updates of what’s going on in the city, then you must definitely check toddl. A platform to discover the best activities for your kids.

You will find details about

  • Summer camps

  • Book lover club

  • Family friendly spaces & family clubs

  • Coaching & Tutoring for additional academic support

  • Birthday party event organization

Amongst other activities. I highly recommend them. The founders - Lorin and Stephanie - put great effort on showing the best options available in each neighbourhood of Barcelona.

More coming ...

These are some of the options available in Barcelona. I wanted to show a snapshot of what is going on in the city that is family friendly. In future posts, I will be sharing more details of each of the periods and needs so you get a better understanding of what is out there for you and your families to enjoy!

For the time being, Summer is here so let’s make the best out of it!

Do you want to know more about options available to do with kids in the city?

Contact us for more details.

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