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Who we are and Why we founded BysBCN
Image by HyoSun Rosy Ko

This is us. Kevin and Amaia. We're a very enthusiastic couple and we love making the best out of every situation. We love sharing our passion and we're happy when we are around people.


We lived abroad for more than 10 years and we experienced, first hand, the difficulties of dealing with the unknown and the language barrier in a new city. 


When we came back to Barcelona, we wanted to start a family and ended up going through a few IVF procedures before getting pregnant. Once we became parents, a whole new world opened to us.


It was quite a challenge to get around all the baby related topics that came completely new to  us.

We did a lot of research and read extensively about the early years, and the options Barcelona has to offer for babies and their parents. We met great professionals that helped us along the way and made us realise how important it is to find the right people by your side. We also needed extra support as our families live in another city.


One day remembering our Amsterdam days, we realised how difficult it could get to find your way around in another city  in such a special and emotional period of your life.


It was then, we decided we could use our expertise to help others live this special moment feeling at home and so, By your side BCN came to life.   

We share more details of our story in our blog.
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