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BysBCN - How we do it
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If you're pregnant, you might want to look for the right accompaniment. The one that meets your personal preferences and needs. Find out the options available in the city around giving birth. 


We can help you providing details around


  • who to meet (doctors, midwives, doulas, physiotherapist...)

  • where to go (hospitals, clinics and other options available)

  • activities (prenatal classes, yoga...)

  • supporting groups



Early years 
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You have a little baby and might want to meet other families in similar situation, get professional help around some topics that keep you awake.  Find out more about what the city has to offer for families with babies.

We can help you providing details around

  • medical assistance (pediatrician, gynecologist, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor...)

  • professionals around lactation and sleep topics

  • daycare

  • supporting groups

  • paperwork after birth

Do you want to know How we do it? 
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initial meeting

To understand your needs and explain what we do and how we can help you

define a plan

Tailored to your needs either if it's one time thing or you need us by your side for longer time


Personalised solutions answering your requests together with some overall must have information


We offer 20 min free discovery call 

We provide personalised solutions to your family's needs
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